Sabie X-fest 2019

Sabie X-fest is a two day whitewater kayaking festival on the magnificent Sabie River in the town Sabie in Mpumalanga, South Africa. It will be held on Saturday 16 February 2019. We expect to have great water levels on the same weekend when the annual Sabie Tube Race will be held. There will be a huge after-party at the Tube Race, they have fantastic entertainment with live bands and expect to have 4 thousand visitors over the weekend. Kayak Competitors will have to race down class 4 rapids in time trials, against the clock to secure the fastest time.

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A huge thank you goes to Jaco Lubbe, the founder of Sabie X-fest, click on the link below for more information about the race in 2013:

Induna X-fest 2013

‘Mix the most fun people to be with, together with an overdose of adrenaline and you get, not just the most exciting Induna kayaking X-fest, but also a unforgettable fun time between friends of all sorts! The competitors where hot and on fire and it was a fight right till the end.

There were 3 rapids that the pro kayakers raced to determine the winners. And please do not compare these rapids to those of the Dosi. Dosi = ALL. These 3 rapids all had a PG 18 and the last rapid “Siphon falls” a SNVL.

The first rapid of the day was Jeff’s Rapid. The name originated from the last hole in the rapid that took a guy named Jeff to the cleaners, stuffed him in a washing machine for a minute and hanged him up to dry, without his kayak.

The second rapid is called Lock stock and 2 smoking barrels and it’s true. It’s a gunfight from top to bottom and you’re not always sure if things will work out according to plan. It is a narrow rapid with rocks always lipping on your elbows and churning water that violently crave on any mistakes you make. Some kayakers came out second best and had to abandon ship as life under water did not fit into their future plans. When your mother says “Johny please put on your helmet” it’s always an act of good measure…But here it is as essential as breathing in and breathing out, as the water drag you along the rocks. When the word “fun” was invented, they didn’t have in mind the face expressions and feelings that pop out of your body when you run these rapids in a kayak. They had to invent new words like “awesome” and “epic” and I am in no doubt that the next word that explains the pinnacle of extreme fun will come out a kayaker…To add spice to the event we also had a Dual race down Lock Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels. The loser got a 10 second penalty, so it was crucial to outwit your competitor to avoid being dropped of the podium. This was super exciting for all spectators as they experienced the tenseness as the kayakers exchanged the lead down this rapid, just because of a split second mistake or drop of concentration.’